Big data management and analytics

Today, two mainstream technologies are the center of concern in IT – Big Data and Cloud Computing. Fundamentally different, Big data is all about dealing with the massive scale of data whereas Cloud computing is about infrastructure. However, the simplification offered by Big data and Cloud technology is the main reason for their huge enterprise adoption. For example Amazon “Elastic Map Reduce” demonstrates how the power of Cloud Elastic Computes is leveraged for Big Data processing.The combination of both yields beneficial outcome for the organizations. Not to mention, both the technologies are in the stage of evolution but their combination leverages scalable and cost-effective solution in big data analytics.So, can we say Big data and Cloud computing a perfect combination? Well, there are data points in support of it. Besides that, there are also some real-time challenges to deal with. In this blog, we will discuss both the aspects. We assume you have some idea and knowledge on Big data and Cloud computing.


  • Big Data and Cloud Computing Relationship
  • Cloud Computing Role for Big Data
  • Relation between Big data and Cloud Computing

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